Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spending Money

Because we're living paycheck to paycheck, we have ignored so many things that we actually need. I haven't had a chance to stock up as much, we've stretched out the time between replacing things that are worn out (A/C filter and toothbrush heads come to mind), and have otherwise been unable to spend much.

On the date that we file, any money that we have in our bank account is potential fair game for the trustee. Once the bankruptcy has been electronically filed, we can start saving again. Until then, however, we have a few things to spend. And that means we can catch up!!!

We had a very small amount in savings ($600), $159 of which went to the CPA. That leaves $440 or so. We're getting about $200 more than we need to file Chapter 7 from our tax return (excuse me, refund). And, because we won't be paying credit cards, we'll have about $600.

I am so excited!

My plans:

- Pay off the remaining six-month car insurance policy balance so that will free up $108 a month from now until June.
- Get both my and hubby's teeth cleaned and examined.
- If possible, fill some cavities.
- Replace the air filter in my air purifier (long overdue) and the filter in my vacuum cleaner (years overdue), and the A/C filter with a washable one so we can stop throwing money after it.
- Stock up on diapers and wipes and have a spare tube of toothpaste and deodorant and other items around. Hopefully I can match up some coupons and sales.
- Replace hubby's falling-apart undies and socks.
- Get my epi-pen filled (nut allergy).
- Oil changes for both cars.

I'm also going to spend a little more at the grocery store so that we have some food in the chest freezer and pantry. I made out pretty well at Publix's Italian Sale, but I'd like something other than canned tomatoes and tuna fish around, you know?

It feels weird not to try and hold onto every penny, but we can either get caught up on our needs or hand the money over to the trustee.

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