Monday, February 22, 2010

Several "To Do List" Items Checked Off

- Closed personal checking and savings account, transferred money to joint account.
- Got past six months of bank statements printed for those account, since I can't access them online anymore.
- Removed my name from my mom's checking and savings.
- Opened a new checking account (joint) at a different bank.


- Print out life insurance auto-debit authorization so I can change the account.
- Call VA and find out how to change bank accounts for disability.
- Call BCBS and find out how to change bank accounts.
- Add new account to PayPal.
- Change Netflix over to new account.
- Change account for YMCA.
- Make a list of payment addresses and account numbers to set up new Bill Pay at new bank.

We've decided that since it will take about a month for all of this to get taken care of, we're going to make one more payment to BOA so they can't utilize the right of offset to take money we need out of the account.

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