Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maxed Out

On Monday I got a bunch of books from the library. Credit Card Nation, Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy, and Raising Financially Fit Kids.

I started with Maxed out and finished it on Wednesday.

I highly recommend it. I was shocked and amazed by some of the things I read about the spiral of debt, predatory lending, "deadbeat" customers, pawn shops vs. credit cards and banks, legislation, national debt, and other topics.

This is an link but I found my copy at the library and highly recommend reading for free whenever you can. One of my old budget-busters was books. If I walked into a Barnes and Noble I'd spend up to $100 at the drop of a hat on books. Now I pay about $30 a year in late fees and read between 75-100 books a year. Significant savings, and I recommend it.

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