Monday, February 15, 2010

Moved Appointment

I moved my appointment with the CPA from mid-March to this coming Monday. Why? So I can get my tax refund faster and pay the lawyer to file that much quicker.

It wasn't hard. The CPA is very busy but I told the appointment maker that I needed to get my refund faster. I mentioned I had a deductible to meet and had to have laproscopic surgery.

Which is true. The first few months after I'm no longer required to make the $600+/month payments I'll be setting aside my $2500 deductible.

I had honestly considered doing the surgery this month, setting up a payment plan, waiting a little longer to file and then... get thrown into jail for fraud. I can't take on a new debt knowing I won't be able to pay it.

So, instead, like everything else in my life, I'll have to wait until I can pay cash.

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