Friday, February 19, 2010

Meeting with Second Lawyer

I met with the second lawyer today, and he's the one I'm going to go with.

Board Certified? Yes, over 14 years

Free Consult? Yes

Consult Time Allotted: 60 minutes

Consult Time Actual: 90 minutes

I was met by his wife who I had previously talked to on the phone. She struck me as a motherly but no-nonsense kind of gal with an easy smile and a head full of facts. She gave me a stack of paperwork to fill out.

The other attorney had me fill out paperwork, but it was all about his office and fees and such. This one actually asked me questions. Lots and lots of questions. I read and write fast and it still took me 10 minutes, most of which was checking "yes" or "no" boxes.

She took my forms and told me he'd be with me in just a minute. He was true to her word.

He was much warmer than the other guy. He smiled, had a sense of humor, and struck me as an actual person who saw me as a person in return. He answered all of my questions (and then some).

They charge $1500 for their services.

I felt very comfortable with him. I think if I had interviewed 10 lawyers, I would have picked his personality and experience. There are (factually) three board-certified attorneys in the area. The first one I won't work with, the one today, and another who works with creditors rather than filers.

He will not be at my 341 meeting. He works with two other lawyers, one of whom has worked (and still works part time) as a trustee. I'll be meeting all of them and they'll be fully knowledgeable of my case. It saves him the drive to Tampa everyday. The man he works with (the trustee) comes into the office a few days a week, the woman (also board certified) works and lives in Tampa.

I'm going to put some of my issues and advice he gave in upcoming posts.

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