Friday, February 26, 2010

Pre-Bankruptcy Payments Have More Impact than Bankruptcy Itself

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Is it worth $600 to have less impact to my credit score?

Today is February 26th.

My due dates for debt are March 6, 12, and 14. We should receive our tax refund sometime in March and as soon as we do we're going to get started on our paperwork.

The attorney said it often takes 4 weeks to get everything finalized for paperwork before filing. I'm extremely organized as far as important things are concerned and can probably have most, if not all, of what I need before I even retain the attorney. Then it's a matter of transferring it onto the correct forms.

So chances are--as long as my mom's situation get straightened out--I'll only be 30 days (because it's less than 60) late on three accounts, all of which were previously current.

Is it worth $600 to avoid a hit to my credit?

From what I've read a 30 day late payment can affect you for 1-2 years. However, this article also points out that credit sometimes improve because the income to debt ratio improves so much. Will those two factors cancel each other out?

Things to ponder...

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