Thursday, February 25, 2010

Due Dates: Huge Relief

I pay my bills on two separate days.

Due Date: between 2nd and 15th Paid: on the second
Due Date: between 16th and 1st Paid: on the 16th

I was fretting over my BOA account and the right of setoff and paying them for March just to buy myself extra time. I always pay them on the 2nd, so therefore in my mind I only had until the 2nd. Right?

I got my account statement in the mail and saw it's not actual due until the 12th. My Capital One card due date is the 14th. Chase is the 6th, but I'm not worried about them.

HUGE relief. I will be able to get most things transferred over by the 15th. My plan is to have my name taken off the joint account and then as soon as hubby's first VA disability check hits the new account, we'll close the old one.

If the do catch me for right of set off then at least there won't be a lot of money in the account.

Which means I can use that $350 payment for something else.


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