Monday, February 22, 2010

Impressed. Called Back!

There was a question about my exemption amount.

We are a married couple but I am filing by myself. We have NO joint debts and the house is in his name only, as is one of our two cars.

Since the house is not in my name, do I get $1000 AND the additional $4000 for non-homestead suits or only the $1000?

He actually found out for me and called to let me know. I'm really impressed. My meeting was at the end of last week and he called Monday morning. He's not been paid a cent.

The answer: this has been challenged and the ruling was that a married but filing alone whose spouse owns their home only gets $1000.

Well, poop. I was really hoping for the $5000 total. Oh well. At least I know my lawyer follows through with his bankruptcy clients.

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