Monday, February 15, 2010

Second Consultation Scheduled

I just got off the phone with another attorney's office and I'm laughing.

According to the first lawyer I met with, he was the only board certified bankruptcy attorney in the area.

The first lawyer gave 20 minutes.

"I'd like to schedule a free consultation for bankruptcy."
"Is there anyway to do this over the phone? I'm interviewing several lawyers and at the last place it took me more time to get my toddler in and out of the car than it did to meet with the attorney."
She told me I had to make arrangements for childcare, this is an important decision, and that the attorney loves kids but I couldn't afford the distraction. I told her I'd do my best and we found a time.
"How long of a consultation does he give?"
"Up to an hour."
"An hour? Really? The last place only gave me 20 minutes."
She was appalled. 20 minutes is not nearly enough time to make such a critical decision. She laughed and said she guessed I didn't meet with a board-certified bankruptcy attorney.
"Actually, he was. (Name) also said that he was the only board-certified person in the area."
She was pissed. Apparently she knows this guy.
"(Name), my husband which is why I'm taking it so personally, has been board certified for twice as long as (name)."
"Oh my. Well, we both learned something new today."

I'm looking forward to meeting this new lawyer. I have a list of five others in the area that I'll be contacting to meet with, but I'm going to do one at a time. My mom says this way I can "get a feel" for what to expect, the language, etc. and have enough time to process in between.

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