Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Revised Revised To Do list

 Change Banks

Yay! All complete except to make sure that our health insurance comes out of the correct account (mail in form for change has been sent, with plenty of time, but who knows if it will actually be processed in time) and the disability payment goes into the correct account. *crosses fingers* Everything on our end is finished, however.

  1. Change Hubby's disability deposit - Pending
  2. Change Hubby's paycheck direct deposit
  3. Change account that life insurance comes out of
  4. Change account that YMCA membership comes out of
  5. Change account that Netflix comes out of
  6. Change account that Paypal is linked to
  7. Set up new bill pay through Landmark Bank
  8. Take my name off mom's account
  9. Take my name off our BOA joint account
  10. Close my savings account and my checking account at BOA 
  1. Print worksheets off internet site
  2. Complete rough draft for lawyer to look over - Mostly Complete
  3. Copies of tax returns (2005-current just in case)
  4. Copies of closed bank account statements (6 months, just in case)
  5. Copies of W-2s from hubby - Now have past four, however waiting on filing date to know which we need or need future copies
  6. Copy of hubby's disability letter - Have but not in pile of Chapter 7 stuff
  7. 3 months of bank statements prior to filing
    1. BOA
    2. Landmark
    3. ING
  8. Copy of Roth IRA statements - Have but not in pile of Chapter 7 paperwork
  9. Possession List - In progress
Mom Assorted

Looks like I can't go any further until I talk to the attorney and find out what else she can do.

  1. Prepay for cremation expenses
  2. Pay off car
  3. Purchase travel plane tickets for her yearly family trip 

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