Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Am Not Alone

I haven't told anyone other than my mother or my husband about my plans. I did, however, make a comment to a friend about having to spend money or it wouldn't be available. I forget my exact phrasing. I thought I was justifying our Target spree (stocked up on toilet paper, hand soap, diapers, and other necessities).

My friend didn't say anything.

But the other night her husband casually mentioned something about his prior bankruptcies. They didn't pick up the topic, it was just casually dropped.

I was really surprised.

Then my husband told me that he didn't mind if that couple know. It probably wouldn't get back to his boss and if it got back to someone like his best friend, who cares? His best buddy had filed bankruptcy once upon a time.

He did?

I've known him for years and he's never mentioned it.

My mom, several friends, and who else? I wonder how many people I know have gone through a bankruptcy?

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