Friday, March 5, 2010

Paid off!

My mom couldn't figure out how to log into her car loan provider so I had to assist her. One phone call to an 800# and twenty minutes later the balance was set to be paid off.

The amount was just under $7,000 which leaves about $3k in her savings and $4k in her checking.

There is a lady from Neptune Society who will meet with me either today or tomorrow about prepaid direct cremation. I estimate that will be less than $1,400. That still leaves us with a little more to benefit my mom before we file.

Why do I phrase it like that?

It doesn't make sense for her to run out and buy stuff she doesn't need. If she's going to do something or need something later anyway, then she can pay for it now, enjoy it now, and not have that expense in a few months or on a regular basis. Paying off her car frees up $200 a month that she can use in other ways.

I still feel badly about her having to do this, but I'd feel worse if the trustee decided to take it and leave her with nothing.

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