Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Goals: Part 1

I think it's important to brainstorm and then finalize goals for after our bankruptcy discharge and for the future. This small series will be devoted to outlining some of the ones I've been thinking about.

Goals for After Discharge

- Open up a savings account with Landmark Bank

- Have hubby's work direct deposit part of his income directly into the savings account.

- Close the multiple Ingdirect accounts we've opened, keeping one Orange Checking and one savings account for our emergency fund. It was helpful to be able to categorize our savings into specific named accounts (Ie: car repair fund, house downpayment fund) but it's become complicated and we've got Quickbooks, so there's no reason to do it that way anymore.

- Setup our accounting in Quickbooks (which we bought a few years ago when I had my own business) instead of using a spreadsheet (I love Open Office, by the way, and highly recommend it).

- Reduce our spending. Hopefully our garden will help with this in a few months.

- If we don't get them done before filing, get our teeth cleaned, examined, and cavities filled in April.

- See a dermatologist for a cancer screening. We've been putting this off, but it's terribly important in Florida and our insurance covers it.

Between filing and June 2011

Hubby's student loans come due June 2010. We're going to put them off one more year and save as much as possible. When mine come due in October 2010 I'm going to start paying on them again. Ideally we'll have about $8500 saved by June 2011.

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