Saturday, March 13, 2010

Everything has a cost. Every purchase is a choice.

The true cost of convenience foods
is a recent topic over at The Simple Dollar (my favorite personal finance blog). It really reminded me of why making substantial financial choices can be overwhelming.

Every single thing I purchase is making a choice. It's leading us towards or away from financial security.

If I choose to take two minutes out of my daily route to get the gas that's $.03/gallon less, that's making a choice.

If I choose to buy the pre-chopped celery, that's a choice.

If I choose to take the family out for wings rather than make my own, that's a choice.

Every moment of every day. And it's frustrating!

Becoming aware that this is the case is overwhelming. It seems too big.

A friend of mine just stopped drinking Pepsi. He posted a status update on Facebook asking for help and support with his decision. Some of his friends joked around and some of us took it seriously. I just talked to him. He's four weeks without a softdrink. "Wasn't as life changing as I had hoped."

But at least he identified something to change and did so successfully! I'm so proud of him for doing that. It might not have lead to any epiphany or saved his life, but it was a change that he wanted to make. A small change.

My journey is a series of small changes.

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