Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

My hubby did good. It's amazing how a $3.00 bag of a woman's favorite chocolate, a card from the husband, and a card "from" the baby can feel like a diamond necklace. (Of course, I've never really gotten a diamond necklace, so I might be totally off base. If anyone wants to educate me on this matter by giving me one, I'd be willing to revise my opinion!)

My mom hates her digital camera. It's a Sony Mavica that takes pictures on a floppy disk. It's heavy, bulky, has a longggg shutter lag that always frustrates her, a preview screen that cannot be seen outside, and takes very low resolution pictures (compared to today's models).

We decided that with the money we budgeted for mother's day and her birthday that we were going to get her a new digital camera. We went to two stores today and found what we wanted at Circuit City. We were also able to get her a 2 GB memory card for only $17. She loves her new Kodak Easy Share camera.

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