Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally -- Resolution

I was on break last night and checked my phone messages. My husband left me a very nice message and it was obvious he was both proud of himself and extremely excited. His message would have left a smile on my face even if it had been, "we're out of pickles!"

His message wasn't about pickles. It was about the cars. After a lot of role-playing and discussion on Tuesday evening hubby had the confidence to call last night and talk to the manager.

He explained that we are going to buy two cars. Whether we buy them from that dealer remains to be seen; there are many other dealerships that would love to sell two cars. He said, "the deal is only hinging on one thing." As you can imagine the sales manager was practically drooling all over that little tid bit.

Happy story short, because little bit is going to wake up from her doze soon, is that they are honoring the original really-awesome deal.

Car 1: 2007 PT Cruiser, Touring Edition, Rim Upgrades (which I could care less about, honestly), 9,400 miles (rounded up)
Car 2: 2007 PT Cruiser, Touring Edition, Slightly over 20,000 miles so we'll call it 20,500.

Basically 2 almost brand-new cars. Our walk-out price (tax, etc.) is right around $10,800 each.

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