Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I done gone and screwed up

I have an explanation, but not an excuse.

My explanation is this:

I've been using two new spreadsheets to try and track our money and create budgets. One uses a zero-based budget, which I really like, and the other uses an electronic envelope system. Since one is more of a budget and by the way how much did you actually pay and the other is what did you pay, towards what, and when, I figured I could use both to create a good system. It's been driving me nuts!

For one thing I've "lost" three hundred dollars somewhere according to spreadsheet number two. My account balance is $300 more than it should be and I cannot figure out wherein the error lies. In the first spreadsheet, however, I am short by quite a bit when I add up with my real numbers. I cannot figure it out. So I'm frustrated and sicking hubby on building me a new spreadsheet with the modifications I want. This will allow me to budget with a zero-based system and "fund" certain items with each paycheck very much like an envelope system. This is important because I need to use certain funds to pay certain things. Otherwise I don't have the money until later in the month and the bill is due in the first part. I need to be precise or we're a little screwed.

Then there's the business account. I hate hate hate the online system that the business account uses. I love online banking, but this bank's system drives me nuts. It shows all credits, all deposits, and what you have available. (I just got an email back from the bank manager with a "no problem" and instructions on how to display the running balance... why isn't this "on" by default?) So up until two seconds ago I had to figure things out on paper and apparently I screwed up.

Ladies and gentlemen, yours truly who brags about never overdrafting accounts, bouncing checks, and so forth made a big boo-boo worth $211.05 overdrawn.


I was so proud of us for doing so well... and you know what? I still am! So what if I made one very minor correctable mistake? Accidents and mistakes happen. They are a part of life and a part of learning.

I formally forgive myself.


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