Thursday, May 29, 2008

$110, 2 days

Day 1: I sold the twin bed that was in our garage. Compared to other items, it wasn't taking up much space. Since it is no longer needed, however, I didn't see a point in keeping it. I put an ad on craigslist for $60 and sold it by that evening. (Awesome thing too... I only paid $50. So I "made" $10 after using it for a year and a half!)

Day 2: I sold a table cart I had bought when I was doing many many housecalls. Our business used to be housecalls exclusively. I don't do many now and I've learned that the table cart is a bigger PINTB than it is a time-saver so it's been getting in the way for the last two years. I paid about $90 after tax. I sold it to a student for $50 last night.

Total: $110 towards our "stuff" fund.

What will we be using said fund for first? A friend of ours is selling an almost-new pillow-top queen bed for $200 (OBO). I've told them we want it. I know that I can get $175 out of the double that we are now using, especially if I throw in the two sets of 400 thread count sheets and the waterproof mattress protector. (BTW - I paid $150 for it.) I should be able to buy the bed as soon as they are ready to move, sell ours rather quickly, and possibly even come out ahead.


  1. Nice work! "Found" money is the best, isn't it?

  2. Found money is awesome. It blows my mind that sometimes I make $5 on something that I paid $40 for and sometimes I can get $60 for something that I paid $50 for and used for almost two years. Crazy!