Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've been reading a lot about debt reduction lately and was inspired by the wide range of blogs others have started to chronicle their own journeys. Most blogs (even mine) are full of random day-to-day observations and anecdotes. Which, while entertaining, don't add much value or new information to my world-view.

Financial blogs, on the other hand, have been a great boon. Not only have I learned some new tips, I've educated myself about credit cards and the company strategies, and I've learned the number one best thing ever for motivation:

Other people have gotten out of debt. Other people have not only gotten out of debt, they've started to save for their future. IT CAN BE DONE.

So thank you, bloggers. I hope that one day this blog will be as inspirational as yours. If not, at least it's a way to be accountable.

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