Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another outside post that inspired me today...

It seems like all my blog reading today has reminded me of something I wanted to say!

One of my current projects is a book for massage therapists. Initially I had my framework all laid out and was expecting to write my rough draft in 3-4 weeks of full-time writing. I realized, however, that in order to write the book the way I had initially envisioned, I wouldn't be able to write "as me".
The Simple Dollar: The truth is that you should do everything you possibly can to speak in your natural voice, “optimal consumer contact” be damned, and any obstacles you put in the way of your natural voice will water down the message you want to send and the true relationship you’ll build with your readers.
This post reminded me of that dilemma. Instead of creating a (hopefully) viable book I am now back to the drawing board. The idea is still a fabulous one, I'm still enthusiastic as all get out about it, but it's now cooking in my head a little more before I start really going to town on the rough draft.

Is it better to be true to yourself and do things in a way that works for you, even if that means you're that much further away from a payday?

I think so. What are your thoughts?

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