Saturday, April 26, 2008

A definite Vice

We have a huge vice, my husband and I. It's called, "homemade custard," and it lives less than three blocks from us in the form of a little store called Sweetberries. Oh, is it ever yummy!

In the past we've plopped down $10 on a couple of custards a few times a month. Last night I was having a craving for my favorite concrete (where they mix it in with the custard as opposed to putting the extras on top): caramel and waffle cone pieces. Oh dear! Such YUM.

Hubby got up off the couch to go find his shoes. I asked where he was going and he said, "custard-land." Then I stopped him and told him that it was ten bucks and that the ten bucks would go much farther towards paying down debt than for custard that would be forgotten about in a few hours. He agreed and we made popcorn in the air-popper instead. Very yummy and for far less. (His favorite is butter, salt, and garlic.)

I was so proud of him when he made the comment of, "this sure is good. And you know why it's even better? Because it doesn't cost 10% of our weekly food budget."

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