Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My birthday came early this year...

I wanted a nice chef's knife for my birthday (coming in August). Last year I wanted a stand mixer, which I got. I love it. I'm all about cooking and baking at home. For one it tastes a lot better. Two, I know exactly what's going into my food. Three, it's crazy cheap compared to going out to eat.

My hubby has been doing a lot of work around the house lately and somehow got the courage to go into The Cabinet. This is a place in our kitchen where over 30-year's worth of my mother and father's kitchen stuff ended up. (Mom is still around and lives with us/we live with her/however you want to look at it. Dad passed in 10/05.) This is the cabinet that we keep telling ourselves we'll go through. We can kind of find what we need, but I know there's a lot there that can be kept in the garage that would free up space in the house itself.

Hubby tackled it one night this week. I don't think he finished it in the spare hour he had, but he did get some progress done.

And, better yet, he found a chef's knife.

I used it today. It was awesome. I love my fillet knife, don't get me wrong. It does the job most of the time. It's just not the most efficient tool.

Now I get to come up with something else I'd like for my birthday. I'm thinking that maybe I'll ask the household to chip in for a freezer that we can keep in our now-clean garage. This would enable us to stockpile more meat and also to cook more meals ahead. Right now we've got very limited space in our cold box no matter how we rearrange it. (Believe me--we've tried!) Used freezers that still work go for about $50-$100 in our area. (And yes, I'll check the EnergyStar rating.)

What I'd really like to ask for is a gift certificate to one of my favorite scrapbooking or craft stores. Honestly though, I've got half of a living room full of it. I love it, I use it, but I don't need anymore. What I need are things that will:

  • Make my life easier AND
  • Save me money OR
  • Make me money
What would you ask for if you knew you had $50 or so budgeted towards your birthday?

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