Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A correction/apology

I have since changed my mind about said friends decision to buy pants simply because she was soaked. I did not realize that she needed pants for work and that she found two very nice pairs of khakis on sale that fit her in a flattering manner.

I do, however, have issues with the two rings, earrings, and the watch she bought. (She bought the watch because it's a "$55 watch that was only $20! And then they gave me a scratch-off card because I used my store card and I thought 'what the heck'.") Granted, the jewelry was only about $5 a piece, but that's an extra $35 on top of the two pairs of pants.

But, it's her life. I see some of the mistakes that we've made in the past few years and I see a few things she does and realize we're doing the exact same thing. She's such a good friend and sometimes a good mirror. I wouldn't want to be without her friendship.

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