Sunday, July 6, 2008

Borrow before you buy

My neighbor is a physical therapist. I want to get back in shape. I asked her what she thought of the mini trampolines that were very popular in the eighties and that are making a come back. One of our sets of neighbors is trying to sell their house and is storing theirs in another neighbor's garage, which I had seen, and that's where I had gotten the idea, thinking I could borrow it. She said they were great and suggested that I borrow one before I buy one. Then she offered me hers.

I finally saw her out with her son and dog again yesterday and walked down to chat. I asked if the option was still open for me to borrow hers. I figured since I already had the offer I didn't want to see if I could get an offer from the neighbor whose equipment I had originally seen. She was more than happy to allow me to borrow it. In fact, she sent me home with it!

Their trampoline has probably three times the surface are of the smaller ones. I didn't realize that they came in different sizes. The trampoline wasn't heavy. I carried it easily up the street. It was, however, large enough that half my face and down to my knees was covered. I probably looked pretty funny!

If her husband wants it back I told her he can come and get it anytime. She says that he's been talking about how he uses it but never actually does. Guess they'll figure out who's right fairly quickly! Otherwise we can keep it for a few months.

I highly recommend borrowing before you buy exercise equipment if at all possible. My main fear is that I'll have bladder issues that will come up when I'm jumping. (The PT still has problems four years after childbirth and I'm quite sure she does her kegels!) And, of course, there is always the fear that the equipment will take up a lot of space we don't have and gather dust. At least in this case I can walk back down the street and give it back. I'm not stuck with depreciating equipment or a monthly payment.

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