Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Challenge

There were some issues at work lately (major stress) involving an ex-employee who mishandled personal information of several patients. It came to light that they had not required a background check for this position, even though it deals with private medical and financial details.

I recommended that they start making that a requirement for the position.

Then, I printed out a form I found online that gave them permission to do a background check on me, which includes a credit check. I also wrote a formal letter stating my support of the policy.

I have yet to hear anything about it, so I'm not sure if they've run it yet.

I can't think that a bankruptcy could interfere with my new position. I'm getting a lot of kudos from the owners and from the patients and I'm taking on a lot of extra responsibility. I've been told that no one in this position has ever tackled it like I have. But I do have concerns.

If it turns into anything I'll be sure to post it here. At most I would imagine they'll ask me about it. Why did I file? What were the circumstances? How are are finances now?

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