Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not much new!

I've been busy lately.

I auditioned and subsequently joined a choral group. It's something I've
wanted to do for a long long time. These are the benefits that I foresee:

- FUN! I love singing and have always wanted to be part of a group. I
also miss performing.

- New people. This will give me the chance to know people as friends and
possibly clients. This will expand both my social and business contacts.

- Community. It's hard not having a group. Hubby has work. Some people
have church. Others have a very large family. I'm looking forward to
being a part of something.

I've also officially joined Stampin' Up! I'm excited about this. If
nothing else I hope that my scrapbooking/cardmaking addiction will start
paying for itself!

I've scheduled two workshops in September and a number of classes in
Sept., Oct., and Nov. I've updated my demonstrator website. I've sent a
number of email invites out.

*Crosses Fingers*

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