Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Fun

I love board games. I absolutely adore sitting around with my friends, laughing and competing, moving stupid plastic pieces over a stupid cardboard game board... all of it. I just love it. And yet we rarely do it. (I also love to play cards.)

We played Trivial Pursuit the other night with some friends. Between the two families I think we have about forty board games. (They have five kids.) I usually don't like Trivial Pursuit because it makes me feel stupid. Turns out it helps if you're using an edition that has questions from your actual lifetime! We played a version that was 1982-2002. The older versions went up to mid-80's. I was born in 1980 so I've always lost, badly, and felt like a moron after games. I enjoyed this one, however.
I'm hoping to implement a board game night soon, probably at our house. With the five-kid-friends we'd go up there, but for all our friends that are closer to us, we're the only ones with a kid so they can come here. We've also gotten an invite to go play cards at another friend's house. I think we're going to do that once a month or so.

I highly recommend looking at Goodwill for board games, by the way. Some of our friends have bought a bunch of them, almost new. Unfortunately we found out that most of them were just stupid, but it sure beats paying full price for stupid. Right?

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  1. Ooh, I love board games, too! My husband and I tend to play board games nobody's ever heard of - a lot of German/European or indy games. We probably have a bigger collection than we should, alas...

    If you want to expand your board game horizons, you should see if a local gaming store has board game nights, as many do. Usually other people will bring their games, and sometimes the store will open a copy to get people interested in buying the game. More free fun!